Back to School Tips

Reestablish bedtimes and mealtimes.
Get all school supplies, don’t forget a planner.
Help your child learn to use a planner for school assignments, extracurricular activities, and social engagements.
Be a part of your child’s team at school.
Figure out how your child learns best and work with it.
Create routines.
Use a timer in the morning.
Make evenings work for […]

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Reading to Learn

First we learn to read and then we read to learn. Even after students have mastered the mechanics of reading many still have trouble understanding the text, making connections with the story, and relating what they’re reading to what they already know.  Here are some tips on helping your students read to learn.

Read to […]

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Knowledge is Food!

Help your children help other children. The website offers students a way to help others while helping themslves. Each time your child clicks on the right answer to a question, the site donates 10 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. The site offers questions in the subjects of vocabulary, grammar, […]

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School Away From School … At Home

Location, location, location!

Your children will be better students at school if they have a place to be students at home. A specific study spot improves mindset and organization. The study area can be a separate office/study, a portion of their bedroom, or even dining table that rarely gets used. The idea is that they […]

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Study Styles…Now-or-Later?

When is the best time to do homework? Some children come home from school and need to do their homework while still in ‘school mode’. Others need a break between school and homework. Still, many find the middle ground, choosing to start homework immediately but needing to take frequent breaks to stretch, get a […]

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