What is Educational Therapy?

Educational Therapy is an approach to understanding and working with learning differences. It teaches students to build on their strengths, talents, and abilities, and to overcome their weaknesses. An Educational Therapist provides compensatory skills and a game plan to enhance a successful school experience for the student. Ultimately, our goal is to give the students the skills they need for lifelong learning and to make learning fun.

About Suzi Feldman, ET/P

Suzi Feldman has a B.S. in Education, a certificate in Educational Therapy, and a credential in Elementary Education. She has been teaching children for over thirty years, working with students who have learning disabilities, attention problems, and language difficulties. She has taught in both private and public schools. Suzi is a professional member of the Association of Educational Therapists and California Association of Resource Specialists, as well as a member of the Council for Exceptional Children, Learning Disabilities Association, International Dyslexia Society, and CHADD.


Our tutors are committed to providing a positive learning environment in your home. They are exceptional, caring individuals. Our tutors’ backgrounds and experiences are varied. Each tutor brings his or her unique perspective to sessions with students. All have demonstrated expertise and a commitment to helping students succeed.