PACE Program:

“He is more attentive and able to remember things better. Now he is “getting it” when he does his homework.”
Parent of an 11th grade boy.

“The most apparent change has been the time it takes for her to do homework. It now takes about half the time it took before.”
Parent of a 7th grade girl.

“He is doing his homework on his own. I can leave him to do his homework and he does it with no complaints. It used to be such a battle!”
Parent of a 6th grade boy.

“She works at a faster pace and is reading longer words more fluidly.”
Parent of a 2nd grade girl.

Cogmed Program:

“He is remembering so much more! He used to forget everything; what books to being home, turning in homework, where his notebooks were. He’s now reminding me of what to do.”
Parent of a 10th grade boy.

“My daughter is writing in her planner everyday, she is so much more organized. We completed Cogmed over the summer and she was eager to start school in September. She is getting all A’s and B’s on all her tests.”
Parent of a 7th grade girl.

“He’s able to see the ‘big picture’. On the basketball court he was just running up and down the court, he can now see the plays and know where he needs to be on the court.”
Parent of a 8th grade boy.

“Her reading and math scores have improved but more importantly her self confidence has improved.”
Parent of a 4th grade girl.


“Your tutors are the best! Thank you so much for finding the perfect tutor for our son. He has been more than just a tutor, he has helped Trevor in so many ways. We so appreciate that he helped Trevor with his organizational skills as well as his math skills”
Parent of an 11th grade boy.

“We love our tutor! She has helped Chloe so much this year, she went from barely passing chemistry to getting an “A”. Our tutor was able to explain the concepts to Chloe so she fully understood the material.”
Parent of a 10th grade girl.