Specializing in Learning to Learn

Wondering just what you can do to help your youngster or teen find success in learning and overcome difficulties in school?  Take a look at what we can do to help discover their strengths and talents and build on them, whether they need help with a particular subject, improving their memory, college prep, or remedial programs for specific behavioral or learning issues. Our specialty is individualizing our services for your child and helping you to help them. Consider this equation: Specialized Learning + Parents = Your Child’s Success.

Educational Therapy

Sometimes parents don’t know where to start in tackling and understanding their child’s challenges. Each student has unique characteristics—from reading, writing or math disabilities to ADHD, dyslexia, executive functioning issues or auditory, visual processing or processing speed problems. Our goal is to discover each child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop individualized interventions so they can develop strengths and compensate for weaknesses.  READ MORE


We know that individualized attention can go a long way for that student who is just not “getting” what happens in a one-size-fits-all classroom.  That’s why our tutors are carefully matched to your student’s needs and come to your home to work with on everything from remediation in specific subjects to test prep, reading comprehension or math phobias. Our approach is fun and flexible and designed to adjust to how each child learns. READ MORE

Study Skills

One of our newest programs aims to help your child learn life-long skills that enable him or her to feel more confident about conquering their studies. It might not be their ability that is the issue but rather their focus. We teach ways to tackle time management that will give them more control in class and out – whether it’s talking to their teachers, planning homework and projects, or taking notes and staying organized. READ MORE

Cogmed for Memory

Don’t like “jargon?” Cogmed may have one of those names, but it is effective for both children and adults struggling with keeping track of multiple things in immediate memory. It also pays off for those challenged to keep their focus and concentration. Cogmed Working Memory Training, a five-week software program for in-home use, works to improve attention long term. READ MORE

PACE and Master the Code

Somewhere along the line children may have missed the basics, creating difficulties with reading, spelling, math, comprehension and attention. We offer two programs designed to develop and strengthen the underlying thought processes required for academic success. PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) utilizes fast-paced, fun activities to build stronger neurological pathways. Master the Code is a “sound to code” reading and spelling process modeled on how spoken language is learned. READ MORE

Fast ForWord

There’s no question that stronger brain processing and literary skills lead to increased reading proficiency.  The Fast ForWord program is one of the answers. This online reading intervention draws on the brain’s ability to rewire and improve itself, thereby assisting with cognitive skills like sequencing, processing rate, memory and attention. READ MORE

BrainWare SAFARI

We believe in taking advantage of things that children know and enjoy – like computers.  BrainWare SAFARI, a video game with a specific purpose – to exercise 41 cognitive skills essential for learning and everyday life, develops multiple skills in a cross training approach. Its 20 different exercises and games improve students’ ability to think, solve problems, take notes and remember information for tests. READ MORE


A common dilemma for parents is how to get their children to go beyond what they think they are capable of – overcoming their fixed mindset and take ownership of their learning experience. BRAINOLOGY ® goes to the root of the matter and turns students towards a growth mindset by showing them how the brain works and that it can be changed by exercising it.  READ MORE


Many of us remember that pit in our stomachs the day before the SAT or the standardized tests at school, and we know our children probably get a similar feeling. As specialists in learning, we get each student ready to approach test day with a new outlook.  From the ISEE and HSP required for admission to Catholic and private schools to the GRE, we can help.  READ MORE