Student Mentoring Program

PACE and Master the Code       

Sometimes a combination of approaches offers the best solution. We’ve chosen programs designed to develop and strengthen the underlying thought processes required for academic success. Together PACE and Master the Code enhance attention, memory, auditory analysis, processing speed, sound blending and segmenting, visualization, and working memory.

PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) is a twelve-week, intensive – and fun – program for children 6-18 who have difficulty with reading, spelling, attention, comprehension and math.  Unlike other learning disabilities programs focusing on specific academic skills, PACE targets the brain’s overall processing abilities.

This program aims to establish stronger neurological pathway connections, produce significant changes quickly, and to ensure measurable cognitive changes.  Fast-paced activities help develop cognitive skills in areas of auditory and visual processing, working memory, processing speed, attention, logic and reasoning and phonemic awareness.  Skills are highly integrated throughout the program, as successful academic learning requires integration of the skills.

Master the Code

Master the Code is a revolutionary “Sound to Code” reading and spelling program modeled after the process by which spoken language is first learned.  The program teaches reading and spelling concurrently through techniques that train students to accurately recognize letters and letter combinations, and the corresponding sounds of speech.

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