Educational Therapy

We know each child and teen learns in different ways and has different challenges. That’s why our individualized approach to teaching and learning and helping parents understand the differences is so successful. Educational Therapy strengthens a student’s academic and processing weakness through specialized methodologies and teaching materials. Utilizing an organized, structured and sequential approach adapted for each student, we address underlying learning skills such as visual and auditory processing, attention and focus, and memory skills. Individualized interventions are designed to remediate reading, writing and math learning problems. We want our students to know their strengths and use them to compensate for any individual areas of weakness.

Educational Therapy may include:

  • Informal and formal assessments
  • Synthesis of information from other specialists and parents
  • Development and implementation of remedial programs for learning and behavior
  • Formation of supportive relationships with the client and those involved in the client’s educational development
  • Communication between the client, the family, the school, and involved professionals
  • Reading, writing, and mathematics remediation (add this to the third bullet point)
  • Time management, organization, and study skill development
  • Homework help
  • Test and quiz preparation
  • Goal Setting

Once we have established a student’s needs and goals, we develop an approach that may utilize one or several programs that will focus on meeting those needs. Among them are:

  • Cogmed
  • PACE and Master the Code
  • Brainology™
  • FastForWord
  • Brainware Safari
  • Tutoring
  • Study Skills

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