PACE (Processing & Cognitive Enhancement) Program is for students 6 years old and above.  PACE is an intensive 12 week program that focuses on developing the cognitive processing skills critical to comfortable learning in an academic setting.  A solid course of Pace includes 36 hours of hands-on training. The procedures and activities train the following underlying skills which often include executive functioning skills:

  • auditory and visual processing
  • processing speed
  • working, visual and auditory memory
  • logic & reasoning
  • tracking
  • and a strong emphasis on self-esteem.

The sessions are intense, challenging, fun, and leveled so success can consistently be measured.

If your child or teen is disorganized and/or frustrated when studying, makes frequent “careless” errors, does written work slowly, needs instructions repeated or has difficulty comprehending and remembering, PACE can have a direct impact on how they manage their school work by helping to correct their learning.

If this is the direction that you would like to pursue, then the first step is to schedule a  screening which includes evaluation of attention, short-term memory, long-term retrieval, processing speed, and visual and auditory processing. The student is also interviewed to understand his/her perspective regarding his/her own learning behaviors. The second step is to schedule the consultation to understand the feedback of the screening and to discuss goals.  The third step includes scheduling and ordering your kit.

PACE has advantages for those labeled as gifted, dyslexic, AD/HD, ESOL, at-risk, or students falling through the cracks who don’t seem to qualify for services.